Defining ADF Business Components Packages

When we have to create ADF-BC in a real project, we don’t want that all files stay together in the same directory. One of best practises according to official guidelines, is separate these files by type. The good news is that JDeveloper allows you to configure the ADF-BC default packages and apply this to any new Model projects!

Remember to configure the ADF-BC packages before create the files, this way when you create the ADF-BC, the files will be put in the right place.

I will use as default package name for the application workspace. In extension to the default package name for the application workspace, the default package prefix for ADF BC model projects should include “model.adfbc”.

ADF-BC projects should make use of the following package guidelines:

Object Package Example
Model.jpx Resides in base package for project adfbc.Model.jpx
Framework extensions .base
Application Modules .services services.AppModule
Diagrams .diagrams diagrams.AdfBcDiagram
Domains .domains domains.EmailDomain
Entity Objects .entities entities.Employees
Entity associations .entities.associations entities.associations.EmpDeptFkAssoc
Property sets .properties properties.ReadOnlyPropertySet
Validation rules .validations
View Objects .views views.EmployeesView
View Links .views.links views.links.EmpDeptFkLink

To configure the ADF-BC default packages inside JDeveloper, navigate to Tools | Preferences | Business Components | Packages. Configure the packages and click on OK.


Create a Business Component to test.






Oracle ADF Architecture Square – ADF Naming and Project Layout Guidelines v2.00: