ADF: Using Save Point Restore Finalizer

In the previous blog post, we have created an explicit save point in Oracle ADF 12c (12.1.3), but this time I will use the Save Point Restore Finalizer to execute the removeSavePoint method after the task flow’s state has been restored. This way, everytime I restore a save point, it will be removed from database.

To do this, I will use the application of this post: ADF: Using Save Points (Explicit).
Download the sample application: ADFSavePointApp_v2.

Open the dept-flow task flow.
Go to Overview page and click the icon that appears near the Save Point Restore Finalizer property field.
Expand the nodes: ADF Controller Objects > controllerContext > savePointManager, and select removeSavePoint method.
Add sessionScope.savePointSelected as method parameter.



Go back to Diagram page and remove the removeSavePoint Method Call.
Open the deptEditView page, remove the second Save Now button and the rendered property of the other buttons.


Deploy the application and enjoy!
Restore the save point, and it will be removed from database.