Uploading Resources from JDeveloper to WebCenter Portal

If you build or modify resources for a WebCenter Portal application, instead of spend your time doing export and import actions, you can upload your updates directly to the WebCenter Portal application from JDeveloper. To enable direct updates from the JDeveloper WebCenterSpacesResources project you must configure the file and check that you have the appropriate roles and permissions to upload the resource to WebCenter Portal.

Your user need to have monitor role in WebLogic Server and Create, Edit, Delete resource permissions in WebCenter Portal. As weblogic user has all the required permissions, I will use it.

This is my portal.


In JDeveloper, I will use the WebCenterSpacesResources project to manage resource customizations.
Open the file and enter details relating to JDeveloper and your WebCenter Portal installation.


For wls.userkey and wls.userconfig configuration properties, you need to run WLST commands to generate these files.
Navigate to MIDDLEWARE_HOME/Oracle_WC1/common/bin and enter the command: (or wlst.cmd on Windows)

Run the following command to connect to the Administration Server for Oracle WebCenter:

connect('<admin_user>','<admin_pwd>', '<host>:<port>')

Run the following command to create a user configuration file and key file in a specified location:

storeUserConfig('<userConfigFile>', '<userKeyFile>')


In WebCenterSpacesResources project, right-click the resource you want to upload to WebCenter Portal, and choose Upload Portal Resource to server.


If prompted, enter your WebCenter Portal username and password and click OK.


The following message indicates that the upload was successful.


Go to WebCenter Portal and verify the resource you just uploaded.
Just it!