Deploying ADF application in Oracle Cloud

Have you ever thought about run your ADF application on cloud? In this blog post I will show how to deploy local database tables and ADF application to Oracle Cloud using JDeveloper 11g. I would like to thank to my friend J├╝rgen Kress that gave me an Oracle Cloud’s licence. If you want you can get a free trial here: Oracle Cloud PaaS & SaaS Trials.

Each Oracle Java Cloud Service instance must be associated with an Oracle Database Cloud Service instance that hosts the schemas required by JRF. This way, when you request an Oracle Java Cloud Service, you will receive an Oracle Database Cloud Service Instance too.


Before you start to create your ADF application, you need to download and install JDeveloper for Java and ADF deployment on Oracle Cloud.

Download the sample application:

I created a simple ADF application called ADFCloudApp that manages data of employees.


ADFCloudApp uses “EMPLOYEES” and “JOBS” tables, so we need to deploy these tables to cloud.
In the main menu, choose View > Database > Database Navigator.
In the Database Navigator window, right-click the Cloud Connections node and create a new Cloud Connection.



In the main menu, choose View > Database > Database Cart.
Drag the tables from Database Navigator window and drop them inside Database Cart window.
Select the Data option to deploy the local data.


Click on Deploy Cloud icon and provide your cloud login credentials.


The tables were deployed to the Oracle Cloud.


Now, let’s export the application.
Don’t forget to change the Datasource Name.


Create a new Application Server Connection and select the Oracle Cloud as the Connection Type.




To deploy ADF application, go to main menu and choose Application > Deploy > ADFCloudApp_application1.
In the step 1, select Deploy to Application Server and click Next.
In the step 2, select OracleCloud and click Finish.
After some minutes, you will receive a sucessful message and the application URL.


Access the application and enjoy!


This is the URL of my application on Oracle Cloud: ADFCloudApp.

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