Getting started with BAM 12c

Oracle Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) 12c monitors your business processes in real time to help you make informed tactical and strategic business decisions. In this post we will create a simple Dashboard with three Business Views, two of them to monitor the employees added, simulating real time data, and another one to monitor the EMPLOYEES table.

In the BAM Composer, go to Administrator page and create two new Data Objects: EmployeeDO and EmployeeHRDO.


Add two columns to EmployeeDO: EMPLOYEE_NAME and EMPLOYEE_JOB.


Inform the table EMPLOYEES in EmployeeHRDO.


Go to Designer page, create a new Project and name it as BAMEmployees.
Click the Data Objects link and add EmployeeDO and EmployeeHRDO Data Objects to project.


Click the Business Queries link and add three new Business Queries: EmployeeFlatBQ, EmployeeGroupBQ and EmployeeHRFlatBQ. EmployeeFlatBQ and EmployeeGroupBQUse use EmployeeDO as Data Object and EmployeeHRFlatBQ uses EmployeeHRDO.




Click the Business Views link and add three new Business Views: EmployeeListBV, EmployeePieBV and EmployeeHRListBV.




For Business Views that uses EmployeeDO as Data Object, check the “Turn this query into a continuous query” option to allow them to refresh automatically.


You can’t refresh EmployeeHRListBV Business View automatically, but you can do it manually.


Create a new Dashboard and name it as EmployeeDashboard.


To get the URL of your Dashboard, right-click EmployeeDashboard link and choose “Show Dashboard URL” option.


This is your Dashboard.


To simulate real time data, in the BAM Composer, go to Administrator page and add some employees.
Your Dashboard will be refreshed automatically.


Add some employees inside EMPLOYEES table and click the refresh button to refresh your Dashboard.


Author: Waslley Souza

Consultor Oracle com foco em tecnologias Oracle Fusion Middleware e SOA. Certificado Oracle WebCenter Portal, Oracle ADF e Java.

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  1. Waslley, boa tarde!

    Tenho uma pergunta, eu preciso acessar a URL do Dashboard, porém sem a tela de autenticação, ou seja, tem um jeito que dá pra fazer em ADF usando inlineframe, entretanto, dá erro e não possível abrir. Seria possível isso?

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