Creating BPM Process with BPM Composer

The Oracle Business Process Composer application is designed to allow you to easily create, edit, and manage BPM projects. With the BPM Composer, the Business Analyst can model, test and simulate a process before implementing it. Let’s create a simple process!

Start your BPM Domain and go to BPM Composer.


Create a new BPM Project.


In the process, change the Default Role to Process Owner.
Add an Initiator between Start and End Events.


Double-click on Initiator and click on Add button near Human Task field.
Name it as CreateEmployeeHT.


Click on Edit button near Human Task field to create a new human task.
Set Task Title as Create Employee and select Web Form as Presentation Type.
Create a new Web Form and name it as CreateEmployeeWF.


Click on Edit button near Web Form field to create a new human task.
Drag and drop two Text components from the palette into the form.
Name them as Name and Job.
Click on Save button.


If you have configurated the Player, you can execute the process to test it.


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