Escalate task after expiration time in BPM

In Oracle BPM 12c, when you have a priority activity that you need to be solved at a specified time to fulfill your SLA (Service Level Agreement), you can escalate it. Let’s learn how to do it!

As a starting point, I will use the BPM application created here: Creating BPM Process with BPM Composer.

I created three users: peter, bruce and clark. Clark is the manager of Bruce, and Bruce is the manager of peter.


In the process, add a new swimlane and change the role to Process Reviewer.
Add an User Task between Initiator and End Events.


Double-click on User Task and click on Add button near Human Task field.
Name it as EmployeeApprovalHT.


Click on Edit button near Human Task field to create a new human task.
Set Task Title as Employee Approval and select Web Form as Presentation Type.
Change the Deadline to Escalate after and Fixed Duration.
Set 1 minute as duration time and set Maximum Escalation Level to 1.
Use CreateEmployeeWF as Web Form.


Go to Routing Slip section and double-click on Participant1 activity.
Configure the activity.


Click on Save button.
Done! Execute the Process Player to test it.


If you wait 1 minute or more to execute the User Task activity, instead of you execute as bruce, you will execute as clark. The task was escalated.