Connecting Stream Explorer and BAM

When you are working with Oracle Stream Explorer and you need analytical data about the events, the easiest way is using Oracle BAM. The connection between the Oracle Stream Explorer and Oracle BAM is simple to create. In this post we will learn how to do this connection using JMS.

This is the structure of my CSV file.


In the Oracle Stream Explorer, go to the Exploration that you want to use.
Click Configure a Target.


Complete the form with information about your BAM server and click Finish.


This is the necessary setting in Oracle Stream Explorer.
Now, go to Oracle WebLogic Server and navigate to JMS Modules.


Click BAMJMSSystemResource, and then click New.
Create a new Queue with the same information you entered in Oracle Stream Explorer and click Next.


Choose BAMJMSSubDeployment as SubDeployments and click Finish.


This is the necessary setting in Oracle WebLogic Server.
Now, go to Oracle BAM and create the BusMonitor Data Object.


Go to Enterprise Message Sources and create the bamQueue EMS.
Set JMS Message Type to Map Message and Date Time Pattern to yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss.


In the Source To Data-Object Field Mapping, set BusMonitor as Data Object.
Fill out the text fields with the same attribute names defined in Oracle Stream Explorer and click Save.


Click Start.


Go to BusMonitor Data Object to check if the setup worked.


Now, you just need to create a Dashboard to monitor your events.


Author: Waslley Souza

Consultor Oracle com foco em tecnologias Oracle Fusion Middleware e SOA. Certificado Oracle WebCenter Portal, Oracle ADF e Java.

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