Accessing Oracle Cloud through Eclipse IDE

Continuing my last post when we created a new instance of the Oracle Database Cloud Service, in this post, we will access the Oracle Cloud through the Eclipse IDE to create some tables.
First of all, go and download the Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers. At this point, the latest version of Eclipse is Mars.2, but I recommend you check the current version here: Eclipse downloads page.

Unzip the downloaded file and double-click the eclipse.exe file to start it.

In Eclipse, go to Main Menu > Help > Eclipse Marketplace.
Find Oracle Cloud Tools and click the Install button.

Click the Confirm button.

Accept the terms of the license agreements and click the Finish button.

Wait for the software installation.
After restarting Eclipse, go to Main Menu> Window> Show View> Other.
In the Show View, open the Oracle Cloud section, select Oracle Cloud, and click the Open button.

Click the Connect link, fill out the form with your Oracle Cloud credentials, and click the Finish button.

You can now see all Oracle Cloud Services within Eclipse!

Right-click the Database [MyOracleDB] and select Activate.
Fill out the form with database credentials and private key.

As a demonstration, I will create a new table for System user.
Right-click the Tables option and select New Table.

You can now play around with the Oracle database instance.

As you saw, It was so easy!
Have a good time!

2 replies on “Accessing Oracle Cloud through Eclipse IDE”

what oracle cloud credentials do I use? If I use the same userid and password I use to log into the cloud through the web, it says bad credentials. Is there some other userid and password? The one I have is an email address as the userid, the one in your example looks like a more traditional userid

Hi Mike!
You need to use your email because it was set as your userid. In my example,I didn’t set my email as userid.
Verify if your identityID is right.

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