Getting Started with Oracle Database Cloud Service

When you need to install and create a new instance of the Oracle Database, there are several steps you need to worry about according to the Official Installation Guide.

I’m a developer who does not want to worry about the installation (a boring task), I just want to use a database instance to develop my applications.

Oracle Cloud makes your life easier and you do not have to worry about the installation, just the configuration details of your instance of the Oracle Database.

In this post, we will learn how to create an instance of the Oracle Database Cloud Service.
If you do not have an Oracle Cloud account, you can request one here:

Log in to your account.
We’ll create a new storage first.
In the Storage section, click the Menu button and then click Open Service Console.

Click the Create Container button, name the Container as MyDBContainer, and click the Create button.

Save the URL of your Container.
In my case, “Storage-gse00011339 / MyDBContainer”.

Go back to Oracle Cloud My Services Dashboard.
In the Database section, click the Menu button and then click the Open Service Console.

Click the Create Service button.

On this page you have some configuration options to choose from.
If you have questions, check the official documentation here:

Name your Oracle Database instance as MyOracleDB and click the Next button.

Fill in all required fields.
For SSH Public Key field, click the Edit button, select Create a New Key option and then click the Enter button to generate a new key.

Click the Download button to save the generated keys and then click the Done button.

For the Content Storage Container field, enter the URL of your Container (for example: Storage-gse00011339/MyDBContainer).
For the Username and Password fields, enter your username and password and click the Next button.

To finish, click the Create button.

Now, you need to wait while your service is being created.

As you can see, after 27 minutes my Oracle Database instance is up and running!

Have a good time!