Creating a compute instance in Oracle Cloud

The Virtual Machine Compute, part of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Classic, is a fully scalable multi-tenant virtual compute environment to run applications with predictable performance and built-in resiliency. This enables you to quickly provision virtual machines with all the necessary storage and networking resources, easily manage and scale the virtual machine topology in the cloud, and migrate your applications to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

In this blog post we will create a compute instance in the Oracle Cloud using Compute Classic Service.

If you do not have an Oracle Cloud account, you can request one here:

Log in to your account.
In the Compute Classic section, click the Menu button and then click the “Open Service Console” button.

Click the “Create Instance” button.

This page is the easy way to create a new instance, if this shape is good for you, all you need to do is click the Download button and then click the Create button.

If you choose this option, an instance with Oracle Linux 7.2 UEKR4, 1 OCPU, 7.5GB Memory and 128GB Storage will be provisioned for you.

If you want to change something, click the Customize button.

In the first step, select an operating system.

In the next step, select a shape.

In the next step, you may change the name and label of your instance to a meaningful name. Generate a new SSH key and click the “Add SSH Public Key” button to upload your SSH public key.

In the next step, you may configure network settings.

In the next step, you can create and attach a storage volume to the instance.

In the last step, review your settings for the new instance and click the Create button.

My instance took less than 1 minute to be provisioned.

As you can see, it is very fast and simple to create a compute instance in the Oracle Cloud.

Have a good time!