Creating a Windows compute instance in Oracle Cloud

If you read the blog post Creating a compute instance in Oracle Cloud, you learned how to create an Oracle Linux compute instance in Oracle Cloud. But what are the necessary steps if you need a Microsoft Windows Server compute instance to run your .NET or Delphi applications? In this blog post you will know about it.

With Oracle Cloud, in addition to Linux instances, you can have Microsoft Windows Server instances without the need to buy or use your licenses, because two versions are included in your environment and you only need to use them: 2008 R2 SE and 2012 R2 SE.

If you do not have an Oracle Cloud account, you can request one here:

Log in to your account.
In the Compute Classic section, click the Menu button and then click the “Open Service Console” button.

Click the “Create Instance” button.

Select the Microsoft Windows Server option, accept the Terms of Use and click the Install button.

If you need to customize your instance, you can click the Customize button.
In this post, we’ll accept the default setting, so enter a password for the Administrator user and click the Create button.

My instance took less than 5 minutes to be provisioned.

To access your instance, open your Remote Desktop and inform your Public IP and password.

Click the Yes button.

The instance is working!

As you can see, it is also very quick and simple to create a Microsoft Windows Server compute instance in the Oracle Cloud.

Have a good time!