Running Delphi application in Oracle Cloud

Many businesses are moving to the cloud, some of them want to increase efficiency and other companies want to reduce costs, but in fact, they all want to take advantage of the benefits of the cloud. Today, all new companies or startups are already cloud native, but most of the companies we know are still using old technologies or client-server applications like Delphi. With Oracle Cloud, the journey to cloud for client-server applications is made easy with a partner solution called GraphOn GO-Global for Remote Applications.

In this post, you’ll see how easy it is to run a Delphi application in Oracle Cloud using GraphOn GO-Global for Remote Applications.

First of all, you need a compute instance with Microsoft Windows Server. You can use this blog post to create it: Creating a Windows compute instance in Oracle Cloud.

After the instance is created, go to Network and create two new Security Rules: goglobal_491

and goglobal_http.

Access your Windows Server using Remote Desktop Connection and start to install IIS Web Server. In the Server Manager, click the “Add roles and features” link.

Click Next.

Click Next.

Click Next.

In the Server Roles, select Web Server (IIS).

In the Add Roles and Features Wizard, click the Add Features button.

Click Next.

Click Next.

Click Next.

Click Install.

Installation completed!
Click Close.

Now we can install the host version of GraphOn GO-Global. Using a web browser, go to, select Host (Windows x64) and click the Download button.

Double-click the file to begin the installation.
Click Next.

Accept the terms and click Next.

Click Next.

Click Install.

During the installation, select “Always trust software from GraphOn Corporation” and click Install.

Click Skip.

Click Finish.

Click Yes to restart your system.

After Windows restart, go to C:\Program Files\GraphOn\GO-Global\Programs and copy/paste your license. Do not forget to call or email GraphOn asking for a trial license.

Go to Services, right-click GO-Global License Manager and click Start.

I do not have or even found a business application created in Delphi, but I found a Tetris game, so I’ll use this application to demonstrate it.

Copy and paste your application and double-click the GO-Global Cluster Manager shortcut. Click the Add button, then click the button near the Executable Path field and select your application.

Click OK.

Now, open a web browser in your computer and access GO-Global:


Download and install the GO-Global Add-on.
After installation, restart your web browser.
Try to access GO-Global again and inform your credentials.

Double-click your application to start it.
You are now accessing your client-server application through the web browser!

Have a good time!