Using CloudBerry to access OCI Object Storage

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage is a solution for storing files in the cloud. The easiest way to access and upload your files is through storage managers like CloudBerry and Cyberduck.

In this blog post you will learn how to use CloudBerry to access Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage.

First of all, download and install CloudBerry Explorer for Amazon S3. I know it’s very strange, but the S3 APIs are considered a standard for storage and many solutions are using this standard, and CloudBerry is one of them.

Go to your Oracle Cloud Account and create a new user.
In the OCI console go to “Identity > Users” and click the Create User button.

Name it as cloudberry.user and click the Create button.

You need to setup the S3 API authentication credentials for your new user.
Go to Customer Secret Keys and click the Generate Secret Key button.

Name it as cloudberry and click the Generate Secret Key button.

Copy the key in a safe place because you will use it.
Remember that this key will not be shown again.

Copy this Access Key because you will use it too.

Add your new user to Administrators group.
Go to Groups and click the Add User to Group button.

Select Administrators and click the Add button.

The creation of user is done!
Let’s create a new folder. Go to “Object Storage > Object Storage” and click the Create Bucket button.

Name it as my_bucket and click the Create Bucket button.

Upload some files to the new bucket.

Update the visibility of the new bucket to Public.

Open the user menu and click Tenancy.

Copy the Object Storage Namespace.

Go to CloudBerry and create a new account S3 Compatible.

Enter the:

  • Display Name: OCI Storage
  • Service Point: <object-storage-namespace>.compat.objectstorage.<region>
  • Access Key: The access key generated above
  • Secret Key: The secret key generated above
  • Signature Version: 4

Click the Test Connection button.

Now you can see the buckets …

… and the files in your OCI Object Storage using CloudBerry.

Have a good time!

Author: Waslley Souza

Consultor Oracle com foco em tecnologias Oracle Fusion Middleware e SOA. Certificado Oracle WebCenter Portal, Oracle ADF e Java.

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