Creating users and groups in OCI

From now on, I will start writing about Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), you will learn from the creation of users and groups to the configuration of high availability architectures. If you are following me on LinkedIn, you probably know that, since last month, I am an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2018 Certified Architect Associate. With these posts, I will try to help others reach the same goal. So let’s start!

In this post, you’ll learn how to create new users and groups.

Anyone who needs to access or manage cloud resources will have a user. Group is a way to manage users with the same permissions and responsibilities, making management easier.

To create a new group, on the main menu click Identity, then select Groups.

Click Create Group.

In the Create Group dialog box, enter the Name and Description.
Click Submit.

The group was created!

To create a new user, from the main menu click Identity, then select Users.

Click Create User.

In the Create User dialog box, type the Name and Description.
Click Create.

The user has been created!
Now we need to enable this user to access the cloud account using a temporary password.
To create a new temporary password for this user, click Create/Reset Password.

In the Create/Reset Password dialog box, click Create/Reset Password.

The new temporary password is displayed.
Click Copy to copy the temporary password, then click Close.

To add this user to the previously created group, on the User Details page, click Groups.

Click Add User to Group.

In the Add User to Group dialog box, in the Groups drop-down list, select the group that you created.
Click Add.

Great! We now have the user associated with the group.

We will log in with this user for the first time!
On the user menu, click Sign Out and log out the administrator user account.

Enter the username and password you copied.
Click Sign In.

Since this is the first login, the user will be prompted to change the temporary password. Set a new password and click Save New Password.

Good job!

In this post, you learned how to create new users and groups.
See you in the next blog post!

Have a good time!