Creating an Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing (ATP) Database

Continuing our journey on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure solutions, now is the time to talk about the most innovative database solutions of recent times, Oracle Autonomous Databases! You can use two Oracle Database options that are market leader in an environment adjusted and optimized for different workloads:

  • Autonomous Transaction Processing (ATP) is a database for a transactional workload, with a bias toward high volumes of random data access.
  • Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW) is a database for a decision support or data warehouse workload, with a bias towards large data scanning operations.

As a service Autonomous Databases does not require database administration, and you do not need to configure or manage any hardware, or install any software. Autonomous Databases handles creating the database, backing up the database, patching and upgrading the database, and growing or shrinking the database.

In this article we will create an Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing instance.

To create a new Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing instance, on the main menu click Autonomous Transaction Processing.

Click Create Autonomous Database.

In the Create Autonomous Database page use the information below and click Create Autonomous Database:

  • Workload Type: Autonomous Transaction Processing
  • Compartment: Your compartment
  • Display Name: myatp
  • Database Name: myatp
  • CPU Core Count: 1
  • Storage (TB): 1
  • Password: Any password (e.g. WElcome_#123)
  • Confirm Password: Repeat your password
  • License Type: Subscribe to new database software licenses and the database cloud service

You will need to wait about 8 minutes while your service is provisioned.

Once the service is provisioned, you’ll see all the details about it.

To access your instance using Oracle SQL Developer, you need to download the client credentials for this instance.

Click DB Connection to see the Client Credentials and String Connections that you can use to connect to that database.

Click Download to download Client Credentials.

Create a password for the wallet (e.g. WElcome_#123) and click Download.

Open Oracle SQL Developer on your local computer. In the Connections panel, right-click Oracle Connections and select New Connection.

In the New/Select Database Connection dialog use the information below and click Save / Test / Connect:

  • Name: myatp
  • Username: admin
  • Password: Your password (e.g. WElcome_#123)
  • Connection Type: Cloud Wallet
  • Configuration File: Your Client Credentials zip file
  • Service: myatp_high

Open a SQL Worksheet and create a new user to test your connection.

create user myatp_user identified by "WElcome_#123";
grant dwrole to myatp_user;

Good job!
In this article you learned how to create a new Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing (ATP) Database instance.

Have a good time!