Building an Architecture Step-by-Step in OCI: VCN

From now on, I’ll start a series of articles with the goal of creating a step-by-step architecture in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to run a web application. I’ve drawn the following image to illustrate the final version of the architecture, but since I’m still writing all the articles in this series, the final architecture may change.

In this first part, we will create a Virtual Cloud Network (VCN) from scratch to have more control over resources, unlike what we did in this article, where all features were generated automatically.

To create a new VCN, on the main menu click Networking, then select Virtual Cloud Networks.

Click Create Virtual Cloud Network.

In the Create Virtual Cloud Network dialog box use the information below and click Create Virtual Cloud Network:

  • Name: webapp_vcn
  • Create In Compartment: The compartment name (See this article)
  • Create Virtual Cloud Network Only: Selected
  • CIDR Block:
  • Use DNS hostnames in this VCN: Selected

Note that the VCN was created with:

  • Route Tables: They have rules to route traffic from subnets to destinations outside the VCN by way of gateways or specially configured instances.
  • Security Lists: They have ingress and egress rules that specify the types of traffic (protocol and port) allowed in and out of the instances.
  • DHCP Options: Configuration information that is automatically provided to the instances when they boot up.

Good job!
In this article you learned how to create a new Virtual Cloud Network (VCN).

Have a good time!