PaaS4SaaS with MCS and MAX

When you need to extend your SaaS application you may use PaaS solutions to do it! In this blog post I will use Oracle Mobile Cloud Service (MCS) and Oracle Mobile Application Accelerator (MAX) to create a mobile application for my Oracle Sales Cloud. Download the packages: First of all we need to create a new Mobile Backend. Go to Menu Applications Mobile Backends. Click “New Mobile Backend” button to create a new Mobile Backend and name it […]

ADF and Developer Cloud Service

Some time ago, I wrote this blog post showing how to deploy an ADF application in Oracle Cloud, and a few days ago I read these posts about how to upload an ADF application to Developer Cloud Service and deploy to Java Cloud Service. In this post I will upload my application to DevCS and then deploy it to JCS. Download the sample application: Following the tutorials, I changed build.xml and files. And, because I’m using HR Schema, I changed the datasource […]

Many accounts in the same Oracle Documents App

Oracle Documents Cloud Service (or Oracle DOCS) is a solution that allows companies to have a unique and centralized repository of files in the cloud. Employees can have an account and share files between them, customers and partners. For example, I have two accounts of Oracle Documents, one of which I use to store my files and share them among other users of Oracle Documents, and other account that I use to share files with customers and partners. In this post you will learn how to add two or […]

Using Oracle Process Mobile Application

When you are using the Oracle Process Cloud Service, you can use the Oracle Process Mobile Application on your mobile device to start a new process or access the task list to approve or reject the tasks assigned to you. In this post, we will start a new process through the Oracle Process Mobile Application, approve the task assigned to a user and see the history of the process in Oracle Process Cloud Service from a web browser on a desktop computer. First of all, download and install the application […]

Getting started with Process Cloud Service

If you know and use Oracle BPM Suite, you will like to try the new cloud solution called Oracle Process Cloud Service or PCS. With PCS you can modeling your processes through the cloud without the need to install Oracle BPM Suite. Go to PCS section within the Oracle Cloud website to learn more about or try it: In this post we will create a basic process to create and approve employees. Download the sample application: Log […]

Deploying ADF application in Oracle Cloud

Have you ever thought about run your ADF application on cloud? In this blog post I will show how to deploy local database tables and ADF application to Oracle Cloud using JDeveloper 11g. I would like to thank to my friend Jürgen Kress that gave me an Oracle Cloud’s licence. If you want you can get a free trial here: Oracle Cloud PaaS & SaaS Trials. Each Oracle Java Cloud Service instance must be associated with an Oracle Database Cloud Service instance that hosts the schemas required […]