Getting started with Process Cloud Service

If you know and use Oracle BPM Suite, you will like to try the new cloud solution called Oracle Process Cloud Service or PCS. With PCS you can modeling your processes through the cloud without the need to install Oracle BPM Suite. Go to PCS section within the Oracle Cloud website to learn more about or try it:

In this post we will create a basic process to create and approve employees.
Download the sample application:

Log in to Oracle Process Cloud Service.
Click Create button, and then select New Application.


Name the application as Create Employee Application.
Select New Space option, and then name it as HR.


In this step, we will create the process and we have many options to create it.
Select the Form Approval Pattern option.


Name the process as Create Employee Process.


In the Create Employee Process, right-click Submit Request, and then select Implement.


Enter Create Employee for the Title.
Click Create New Web Form, and then enter CreateEmployeeWebForm for the name.


Drag and drop two Text components from the palette into the form.
Name them as Name and Job, and then click Save.


In the Create Employee Process, right-click Resubmit, and then select Implement.
Select CreateEmployeeWebForm as Web Form.


In the Create Employee Process, right-click Approve Request, and then click Implement.
Select CreateEmployeeWebForm as Web Form.


In the Create Employee Process, right-click the sequence flow between Approved? and Resubmit, and then click Implement. Click Edit to open the Expression Editor, enter TaskOutcomeDataObject == “REJECT” for the expression, and click OK.


In the Create Employee Process, right-click Fulfill, and then click Implement.
Select Is Draft.


Click Save, and then Test Application.


In the Test Application dialog box, click Play.





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