Export and Import Oracle BAM Projects

In the real world, you’ll create your Oracle BAM projects in a development environment, and when all is well, you will export it to a test or production environment. Export and import actions are easy to perform using BAMCommand command-line utility.

In this post, we will learn how to export Oracle BAM projects from a source environment and then import it to a target environment.
Download the sample application:

I created an Oracle BAM project called Blog that has Data Object, Business Query, Business Views and Dashboard.


First of all, edit the BAMCommand configuration file, defining the information about the source environment.
It is located at <FMW_HOME>/soa/bam/bin/BAMCommandConfig.xml.


Now you can execute the BAMCommand command-line utility to export your BAM project artifacts.
I could export all Oracle BAM objects in the system, but I have other projects and I just want to export the project called Blog.


Open Terminal and execute the following command to export the project called Blog.

bamcommand -cmd export -type project -name <PROJECT_NAME> -file "<ZIP_FILE>"


I need to export an Enterprise Manager source called bamQueue.
Execute the following command to append the EMS file in the created file.

bamcommand -cmd export -type ems -name <EMS_NAME> -append 1 -file "<ZIP_FILE>"


Now I have a zip file with my BAM project artifacts and I can import it into another environment.
Edit the BAMCommand configuration file again, but now, setting the information about the target environment.


Execute the BAMCommand command-line utility to import your BAM project artifacts.
In Terminal, execute the following command to import the project called Blog.

bamcommand -cmd import -mode append -file "<ZIP_FILE>"


Go to BAM Composer in the target environment to check if the import action worked.