Start and stop WebLogic Server using scripts

You can use scripts to facilitate the management of WebLogic Server and reduce the manual tasks you have to do. Examples of these scripts are scripts to automate start and stop of Admin and Managed Servers of WebLogic Server. In this post I will provide the scripts I use and you can download them here: These are the scripts that I use to start WebLogic Server in my Linux VM. One of them is a Shell script to start Node Manager and AdminServer, and the other is a Python script to start SOA, […]

New Color Themes for BAM

In Oracle BAM 12c, when you are creating your Business Views, you can use the default color themes or create a custom color theme. In this quick post, you will learn how to create a custom color theme. These are the default color themes. To create your custom color theme, go to Administrator viewer. In the tree menu, navigate to Data Objects oracle bam internal and then click ColorThemes. In the ColorThemes Data Object, click in Data tab. Create the MyColorTheme. Click Save. Go to Designer viewer […]

Export and Import Oracle BAM Projects

In the real world, you’ll create your Oracle BAM projects in a development environment, and when all is well, you will export it to a test or production environment. Export and import actions are easy to perform using BAMCommand command-line utility. In this post, we will learn how to export Oracle BAM projects from a source environment and then import it to a target environment. Download the sample application: I created an Oracle BAM project called Blog that has […]

Connecting Stream Explorer and BAM

When you are working with Oracle Stream Explorer and you need analytical data about the events, the easiest way is using Oracle BAM. The connection between the Oracle Stream Explorer and Oracle BAM is simple to create. In this post we will learn how to do this connection using JMS. This is the structure of my CSV file. In the Oracle Stream Explorer, go to the Exploration that you want to use. Click Configure a Target. Complete the form with information about your BAM server and click Finish. This […]

Getting started with BAM 12c

Oracle Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) 12c monitors your business processes in real time to help you make informed tactical and strategic business decisions. In this post we will create a simple Dashboard with three Business Views, two of them to monitor the employees added, simulating real time data, and another one to monitor the EMPLOYEES table. In the BAM Composer, go to Administrator page and create two new Data Objects: EmployeeDO and EmployeeHRDO. Add two columns to EmployeeDO: […]