Using DB Adapter in SOA Suite 12c

When you have a BPEL Process, and it needs to perform an operation on a Database Table, for example, insert an employee, you have to use the Database Adapter. The Database Adapter exposes to SOA, tables and SQL transparently and non-intrusively. In this post, I will create a BPEL Process to insert employees into Employees table from HR Schema. Best practises, like the use of MDS and Mediator, are not the purpose of this post. Download the sample application: Create […]
Packt Publishing

Book review: Oracle SOA BPEL Process Manager 11gR1 – A Hands-on Tutorial

“Oracle SOA BPEL Process Manager 11gR1 – A Hands-on Tutorial”, published by Packt Publishing in my opinion is not a hands-on tutorial, but an overview about BPEL, SOA Suite and other Oracle SOA Components like BPM Suite and ESB. Inside this book you will find some explanations about these tools, but nothing too detailed. With this book you will learn how to install the SOA Suite and JDeveloper, create a SOA domain, create a simple BPEL process, configure some BPEL features and a little bit […]