Start and stop WebLogic Server using scripts

You can use scripts to facilitate the management of WebLogic Server and reduce the manual tasks you have to do. Examples of these scripts are scripts to automate start and stop of Admin and Managed Servers of WebLogic Server. In this post I will provide the scripts I use and you can download them here: These are the scripts that I use to start WebLogic Server in my Linux VM. One of them is a Shell script to start Node Manager and AdminServer, and the other is a Python script to start SOA, […]

Using Oracle Process Mobile Application

When you are using the Oracle Process Cloud Service, you can use the Oracle Process Mobile Application on your mobile device to start a new process or access the task list to approve or reject the tasks assigned to you. In this post, we will start a new process through the Oracle Process Mobile Application, approve the task assigned to a user and see the history of the process in Oracle Process Cloud Service from a web browser on a desktop computer. First of all, download and install the application […]

Getting started with Process Cloud Service

If you know and use Oracle BPM Suite, you will like to try the new cloud solution called Oracle Process Cloud Service or PCS. With PCS you can modeling your processes through the cloud without the need to install Oracle BPM Suite. Go to PCS section within the Oracle Cloud website to learn more about or try it: In this post we will create a basic process to create and approve employees. Download the sample application: Log […]

Calling a Service in BPM Composer

In the previous post, we created a simple BPM process using BPM Composer. Now, let’s improve our process including a Service Call to save the employees added. For this, we will need to do some changes. Download the sample application: Go to Business Catalog. Add a new Service and call it as CreateEmployeeService. I’m using the service that I created here: Expose Application Module as SOAP Web Service. Add a Service Task activity between the Initiator activity […]

Escalate task after expiration time in BPM

In Oracle BPM 12c, when you have a priority activity that you need to be solved at a specified time to fulfill your SLA (Service Level Agreement), you can escalate it. Let’s learn how to do it! As a starting point, I will use the BPM application created here: Creating BPM Process with BPM Composer. I created three users: peter, bruce and clark. Clark is the manager of Bruce, and Bruce is the manager of peter. In the process, add a new swimlane and change the role to Process Reviewer. Add an […]

Creating BPM Process with BPM Composer

The Oracle Business Process Composer application is designed to allow you to easily create, edit, and manage BPM projects. With the BPM Composer, the Business Analyst can model, test and simulate a process before implementing it. Let’s create a simple process! Start your BPM Domain and go to BPM Composer. http://HOST:PORT/bpm/composer Create a new BPM Project. In the process, change the Default Role to Process Owner. Add an Initiator between Start and End Events. Double-click […]

Business Rules in BPM Suite 12c

If you use the Business Rules feature in Oracle BPM Suite 12c, the business rules you created can be modified at runtime using the BPM Composer. This way you do not need to spend time changing and re-deploying your application. This feature works the same way in BPM Suite and SOA Suite. As a starting point, I will use the BPM application created here: Creating a simple BPM Manual Process. Download the sample application: In the WebLogic Console, create the president […]