Uploading Resources from JDeveloper to WebCenter Portal

If you build or modify resources for a WebCenter Portal application, instead of spend your time doing export and import actions, you can upload your updates directly to the WebCenter Portal application from JDeveloper. To enable direct updates from the JDeveloper WebCenterSpacesResources project you must configure the config.properties file and check that you have the appropriate roles and permissions to upload the resource to WebCenter Portal. Your user need to have monitor role […]

RESTful Web Service in JDeveloper 12c

Because the REST (Representational State Transfer) is lightweight, simple and flexible, many developers are building and exploring the RESTful Web Services, making it very popular, nowadays. According Roy Fielding, REST is an “architectural style” that basically exploits the existing technology and protocols of the Web. RESTful is typically used to refer to web services implementing the REST architecture. In this post, you will learn how to build a RESTful Web Service […]

Which version of JDeveloper should I use?

Before you start coding, you need to download the tools you will use. If you will use the Oracle Fusion Middleware, you need to download the JDeveloper. Among all versions of JDeveloper, do you know which version of JDeveloper should you use? JDeveloper for ADF Mobile JDeveloper for Fusion Middleware integration with BI, SOA and WebCenter JDeveloper for ADF deployment on Oracle Cloud JDeveloper 12c for the latest release of JDeveloper, ADF and WebLogic […]

Change the default language of WebLogic Server Log

When you run WebLogic Server on an Operating System with regional settings set to a non-English language, the log files are written in that language. Although the error message translated is easy to read and understand, it can be tricky to find some information about this error on the internet, because most sites and documents about Oracle Fusion Middleware are in English. To change the language of the messages in the log files, perform the following steps: Go to your domain root directory […]

Export table to Excel in Oracle ADF

If you have users that like reports, I have good news to you! Export table to Excel is very simple when you use Oracle ADF. You just have to use the exportCollectionActionListener tag. This way, you allow an action source (<commandButton>, <commandLink>, etc.) to export data from a collection component (<table>, <tree>, <treeTable>) into an external format in declarative way. Download the sample application – ExportTableApp.zip – […]

Defining ADF Business Components Packages

When we have to create ADF-BC in a real project, we don’t want that all files stay together in the same directory. One of best practises according to official guidelines, is separate these files by type. The good news is that JDeveloper allows you to configure the ADF-BC default packages and apply this to any new Model projects! Remember to configure the ADF-BC packages before create the files, this way when you create the ADF-BC, the files will be put in the right place. I will use br.com.waslleysouza […]

Increase the performance of JDeveloper 11g

The following settings will increase the performance of your JDeveloper 11g. Go to your JDeveloper root directory (JDEVELOPER_HOME/jdeveloper) Open the file ide/bin/ide.conf, and change memory settings to something larger, like so: AddVMOption -Xmx1024M AddVMOption -Xms1024M Open the file jdev/bin/jdev.conf, and increase the value of MaxPermSize: AddVMOption -XX:MaxPermSize=512M Add the following settings at the bottom. # optimize the JVM for strings / text editing AddVMOption […]