Connecting Stream Explorer and BAM

When you are working with Oracle Stream Explorer and you need analytical data about the events, the easiest way is using Oracle BAM. The connection between the Oracle Stream Explorer and Oracle BAM is simple to create. In this post we will learn how to do this connection using JMS. This is the structure of my CSV file. In the Oracle Stream Explorer, go to the Exploration that you want to use. Click Configure a Target. Complete the form with information about your BAM server and click Finish. This […]

Creating a Stream Explorer Project

According to the Oracle Stream Explorer 12c documentation, it is a high throughput and low latency platform for developing, administering, and managing applications that monitor real-time streaming events. In this post we will create a basic Oracle Stream Explorer application that models a simple speed limit alert system. The application receives example data about speed of buses, monitors the data for certain characteristics, and based on the results, prints some of the data to […]