Setting up access permission using Enterprise Roles in WebCenter

When we create an application that requires access control, we need to define users and groups that should have access to the system and their permissions. Usually in large companies, this data is stored in directory services and / or database. Some examples of directory services are Oracle Internet Directory (OID) and Active Directory (AD). Using the WebLogic Server as the application server, the configuration of directory services or database to query users and permissions is very […]

Creating Business Logic Group in ADF

When you have an entity, but in some cases, according the value of some attribute, you need to change control hints, default values or validation logic, you can create a Business Logic Group to help you. Using the Oracle Application Development Framework Documentation (4.8 Defining Business Logic Groups), let’s create a Business Logic Group for Employees entity. In the sample application ( we will create a Business Logic Group that contain a Business […]

MAF 2.0: Using Local Database

When you are building a MAF application, you may decide to use Web Services (SOAP / REST) or local Database to retrieve or persist your data. If you decide to use local Database, the SQLite is the default Database of MAF. SQLite is designed for use as an embedded database system, one typically used by a single user and often linked directly into the application. It is ACID-compliant, lightweight and portable. In this post I will create a CRUD of employees in Oracle MAF 2.0 using SQLite Database. […]

Communication between Task Flows using Task Flow Parameters

In order to create an enterprise application, usually are required many task flows. These task flows will perform different functions, but they may have to communicate each other. To enable this communication, you can use Task Flow Parameters, Contextual Events or Sharing Data Control Instances. Ps.: Register parameters within the session scope with a task flow and use them in another task flow is not a good practice, do not use! In this article, I will describe the Task Flow Parameters, […]


Saturday (08/02/2014), I have attended the event GUOB TECH DAY 2014 – LA OTN TOUR BRAZIL in São Paulo. The event was attended by many prestigious members of the Oracle Brazil and world communities. With much of the talks focused on the Oracle Database, seven about middleware pleased me greatly: What’s new and noteworthy on CAF, Coherence and WebLogic 12.1.3 (Bruno Borges – Oracle) Oracle Mobile Platform – Simplifying Enterprise Mobility (Dana Singleterry […]

Article about WebCenter Portal on OTN

An article that I wrote about WebCenter Portal was published on OTN. The title is “Criando um aplicativo WebCenter Portal Framework” (Creating a WebCenter Portal Framework application), and you can read it here: […]