Start and stop WebLogic Server using scripts

You can use scripts to facilitate the management of WebLogic Server and reduce the manual tasks you have to do. Examples of these scripts are scripts to automate start and stop of Admin and Managed Servers of WebLogic Server. In this post I will provide the scripts I use and you can download them here: These are the scripts that I use to start WebLogic Server in my Linux VM. One of them is a Shell script to start Node Manager and AdminServer, and the other is a Python script to start SOA, […]

Configuring a Compact Domain for SOA Suite

A compact domain is a developer domain consisting of a single administration server and in this post you will learn how to create it! After the installation of SOA Suite 12c and required schemas, open a command prompt and go to ORACLE_HOME/soa/common/bin. Set the environment variable CONFIG_JVM_ARGS to This will activate the compact domain option in the configuration wizard. cd ORACLE_HOME\soa\common\bin SET […]

Managing Idempotence in SOA Suite

According to the SOA Suite 12c documentation, an idempotent activity is an activity that can be safely retried. It means if your BPEL Process fails, a rollback operation will be executed and all data won’t be persisted in the database. OK, but sometimes you want to persist some data even your BPEL Process fails. How can you achieve it? Set the operation as nonidempotent and the Dehydration will occur after this operation. In this post, you will learn how to set an operation as nonidempotent. […]

Enable SOA Composer in SOA Suite 11g

When you are developing your SOA Composites in SOA Suite 11g, probably you will use DVM or Business Rules components. You can change the values of these components at runtime, and to do it, you need to use an application called SOA Composer. By default the SOA Composer is disabled. As it is an application, all you have to do is go to Console from WebLogic Server and start it. Go to WebLogic Server Console Deployments. Click the composer application. Click Targets tab, select all components and […]

Exception with huge Audit Trail in SOA Suite

Sometimes when you go to the Enterprise Manager to view the audit trail from a complex flow, the exception below may be thrown, and the audit trail is not fully constructed. Exception occured while retrieving the Flowtrace XML for the Composite Instance; ECID: 2d0237859052c116:-7239f8e2:1495cf2793d:-8000-0000000000002db1 java.rmi.RemoteException: EJB Exception: ; nested exception is: java.lang.RuntimeException: […]

Book review: Oracle SOA BPEL Process Manager 11gR1 – A Hands-on Tutorial

“Oracle SOA BPEL Process Manager 11gR1 – A Hands-on Tutorial”, published by Packt Publishing in my opinion is not a hands-on tutorial, but an overview about BPEL, SOA Suite and other Oracle SOA Components like BPM Suite and ESB. Inside this book you will find some explanations about these tools, but nothing too detailed. With this book you will learn how to install the SOA Suite and JDeveloper, create a SOA domain, create a simple BPEL process, configure some BPEL features and a little bit […]