Setting up access permission using Enterprise Roles in WebCenter

When we create an application that requires access control, we need to define users and groups that should have access to the system and their permissions. Usually in large companies, this data is stored in directory services and / or database. Some examples of directory services are Oracle Internet Directory (OID) and Active Directory (AD). Using the WebLogic Server as the application server, the configuration of directory services or database to query users and permissions is very […]

Enabling FrameworkFolders in WebCenter

Previously, Oracle WebCenter Portal only supported Folders_g, but in release, new installations of Oracle WebCenter Portal can be integrated with FrameworkFolders. It is recommended that you enable the FrameworkFolders component for better performance and to be able to use new Content Server features. If you have an Oracle WebCenter Portal instance patched from an earlier release, you must continue to use Folders_g. According documentation, FrameworkFolders component […]

Uploading Resources from JDeveloper to WebCenter Portal

If you build or modify resources for a WebCenter Portal application, instead of spend your time doing export and import actions, you can upload your updates directly to the WebCenter Portal application from JDeveloper. To enable direct updates from the JDeveloper WebCenterSpacesResources project you must configure the file and check that you have the appropriate roles and permissions to upload the resource to WebCenter Portal. Your user need to have monitor role […]

Manage Polls in WebCenter Portal

Portal Tools and Services is a set of technologies that you can use inside your portal, enrich it with Enterprise 2.0 capabilities. Polls is one of this tecnologies. It enables you to create, edit and manage polls inside your application. According Andrew McAfee, “Enterprise 2.0 is the use of emergent social software platforms within companies, or between companies and their partners or customers”. In this post, I will create, manage, and analyze polls at runtime in WebCenter […]

Article about WebCenter Portal on OTN

An article that I wrote about WebCenter Portal was published on OTN. The title is “Criando um aplicativo WebCenter Portal Framework” (Creating a WebCenter Portal Framework application), and you can read it here: […]

Expose ADF Task Flow as Portlet using JSF Portlet Bridge

If you need to execute a Task Flow in an application that is deployed in another server, and don’t want to distribute it as ADF Library, you can expose this Task Flow as a Portlet using Oracle JSF Portlet Bridge. The Oracle JSF Portlet Bridge enables application developers to expose their existing Oracle ADF applications and Task Flows as JSR 286 Portlets. This way, your web application and Portlet Producer application are the same, because the Portlet Producer application is your […]

Error when execute WebCenter on AdminServer

If you have created the WebCenter Portal domain and removed the managed servers, all applications were installed in AdminServer. In this case when you start your AdminServer, you will see this error: <10/07/2014 18h36min31s BRT> <Error> <Deployer> <BEA-149205> <Failed to initialize the application 'webcenter [Version=]' due to error weblogic.application.ModuleException: Failed to load webapp: '/'. weblogic.application.ModuleException: […]