Start and stop WebLogic Server using scripts

You can use scripts to facilitate the management of WebLogic Server and reduce the manual tasks you have to do. Examples of these scripts are scripts to automate start and stop of Admin and Managed Servers of WebLogic Server. In this post I will provide the scripts I use and you can download them here: These are the scripts that I use to start WebLogic Server in my Linux VM. One of them is a Shell script to start Node Manager and AdminServer, and the other is a Python script to start SOA, […]

Using JMeter to generate JMS Messages

I worked in a project that I used the Oracle Event Processing to consume JMS Topic messages from an Oracle WebLogic Server. There are many ways to generate and send messages to a JMS Topic, and one of them is use Apache JMeter. Apache JMeter is an open source software from Apache Software Foundation and you can know more about it here: In this post, you will learn how to configure Apache JMeter to publish JMS Topic Messages in Oracle WebLogic Server. First of all, let’s […]

Configure Oracle Diagnostic Logging for IntegratedWebLogicServer

If you are not able to easily find the error in your application, you can use the Oracle Diagnostic Logging to investigate where your application failure occurs. The Oracle Diagnostic Logging Configuration editor configure the logging levels specified in the logging.xml file. The file can be configured at any time, even while the application is running in JDeveloper. Using the Oracle Application Development Framework Documentation (42.6 Using the ADF Logger), let’s configure Oracle […]

Installing WebCenter Sites on WebLogic

Oracle WebCenter Sites is a high-performance, large-scale content management. You and your development team use Oracle WebCenter Sites to create and manage large and complex websites, sites that run businesses, and other types of sites, all of which are generically referred to as “online sites” or “websites”. Let’s install Oracle WebCenter Sites! First of all, we need to create and configure a database. Using Oracle Database XE, execute: CREATE […]